Book List

One of my recent resolutions was to maintain a list of which books I have read during 2019, here is the list as of 8/1/19. Re-read books are marked with asterisks. If you would like some information or a review I can be reached at

Non Fiction

  1. What the Dog Saw- Gladwell
  2. About Face- Hackworth
  3. Rising Strong- Brown
  4. The Wire- Abrams
  5. Boomerang- Lewis
  6. Lynchpin- Godin
  7. Quiet- Cain
  8. Last Lecture- Pausch
  9. Stealing Fire- Kotler/Wheal
  10. Complications- Gawande
  11. Between the World and Me- Coates
  12. The Elephant in the Room- Tomlinson
  13. Flow- Csikszentmihalyi
  14. Keep Going- Kleon
  15. *Waking Up- Harris
  16. What I Talk About When I Talk About Running- Murakami
  17. War of Art- Pressfield
  18. 12 Rules for Life- Peterson
  19. *Kicking Ass and Saving Souls- Matthews
  20. The Power of Habit- Duhigg
  21. Smarter Faster Better- Duhigg
  22. A Walk in the Woods- Bryson
  23. Wild Trees- Preston
  24. Thinking Fast and Slow- Kahneman 
  25. Born to Run- McDougall
  26. Scar Tissue- Kiedis
  27. Ugly Americans- Mezrich
  28. *Ego is the Enemy- Holiday
  29. This is Marketing- Godin
  30. The Fifth Risk- Lewis
  31. Travels- Crichton
  32. The Red Circle- Webb
  33. Everything is Fucked- Manson
  34. Elon Musk- Ashlee Vance
  35. White American Youth- Picciolini
  36. Uncommon Carriers- McPhee
  37. Every Tool is a Hammer- Savage
  38. Living with a SEAL- Itzler
  39. Digital Minimalism- Newport
  40. Better Angels of our Nature- Pinker
  41. Can’t Hurt Me- Goggis
  42. Sex on the Moon- Mezrich
  43. Braving the Wilderness- Brown
  44. Stay Sexy, Don’t Get Murdered- Kilgariff/Hardstark
  45. When Breath Becomes Air- Kalanithi
  46. Nomadland- Bruder


  1. Persuader- Child
  2. No Remorse- Child
  3. Personal- Child
  4. Running Blind- Child
  5. Die Trying- Child
  6. Past Tense- Child
  7. Fellowship of the Ring- Tolkien
  8. Two Towers- Tolkien
  9. Return of the King- Tolkien
  10. Jailbird- Vonnegut
  11. Deadeye Dick- Vonnegut 
  12. Galapagos- Vonnegut
  13. Slapstick- Vonnegut
  14. Sirens of Titan- Vonnegut
  15. Semper Fi- Griffin
  16. *Norse Mythology- Gaiman
  17. Neverwhere- Gaiman
  18. Prayers for Rain- Lehane
  19. A Drink Before the War- Lehane
  20. *Frankenstein- Shelley
  21. Adjustment Day- Palahniuk
  22. No Country for Old Men- McCarthy