Owen Foley is a Pharmacist, Comedian, and Burrito Enthusiast from South Burlington, Vermont.  He routinely performs standup, improv and storytelling throughout Vermont with occasional sojourns to more populated locations.  As you can tell he is very smart and knows lots of big words like sojourn.   In his personal life Owen is an avid reader, an amateur painter, and a novice philosopher who spends his free time cooking like a grandma and yelling profanities at his robotic vacuum.

This website was envisioned as a place to express thoughts on life, music, productivity, food, finance, or any of the other things that make life important.  After several years of inattention an avid attempt is being made to resurrect and breath some life into it.  While the author will make an attempt to treat other viewpoints with respect some of the topics and language may not be amenable to all people, the views expressed are the author’s own and do not represent his employer or any associated organizations.  Also he feels pretentious about referring to himself an an “author” is in fact is more of an “essayist” or “monologist”



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