My Comedy Break

At the end of October I decided to take a break from doing standup.  I have been mulling this break for a while, and the time seemed right.  The Vermont comedy community has been going through a serious bout of growing pains over the past year or so.  There have been a lot of schisms … Continue reading My Comedy Break

A Brief Epitaph For A Friend

A friend of mine passed away this weekend.  He was young, smart, accomplished, and a genuinely good person.  I will miss him, as I have missed all those who have gone before him.  I feel selfish writing this, but he always told me how much he enjoyed my writing, so it feels like a fitting … Continue reading A Brief Epitaph For A Friend

The Best Course I Have Ever Taken

I have nearly 250 semester hours of college credits.  And have taken hundreds of hours of post graduate continuing education.  I have spent thousands of dollars on personal development classes from "Productivity gurus" in order to "optimize my psychology." Hell I even took improv and standup classes so that I could feel like I graduated. … Continue reading The Best Course I Have Ever Taken