The Great Unveiling

So here it is, the big project that I have been thinking about and working on for a while now.  I have been writing one to five essays a month since January while also pursuing other ventures and the next logical step is to put in all in one place.  Here is a quick highlight of the content and where I intend to take this project.

  • Archive: I have transferred all the notes that I have written on Facebook in the past year over to this site.  They are all listed with a posting date of November 29th, 2014 but are available if you missed any or just want to read through again.
  • About: This is obviously for people who do not know me personally to give them a little background and provide the information that they can use to follow me.
  • Monthly Challenge: This is a new feature that I want to start doing.  Every month I will issue a challenge and track my progress.  I encourage you to follow my lead and give it a shot, what can it hurt to try something new for a few weeks.
  • Recommended Links: People are always asking what I am reading and thinking about, and here it all is in a nice tight bundle.  I have only linked my go to standard links at this time, but if anything sparks my fancy I will put it up there.
  • Comedy: A clip from my first stand up comedy performance a the Skinny Pancake in Burlington, VT as well as information about my future plans within the comedy scene.
  • Email Notifications: If you hit the “Follow Me” button on the right side of the screen you can enter your email and get a notification whenever I make a post.  This will help keep you up to date whenever I produce content.
  • Mobile Friendly Site: I have designed this site to work on mobile devices so that you can get my thoughts anywhere that you can get wifi or cell service, straight from my brain to your pocket.
  • Future Features: I intend to improve the content on this site as I move forward and get feedback from others.  I am considering adding an events calendar so that everyone can track my travel plans and stand up schedule.  Another future improvement is more information about my passion projects and what I am considering trying next.
  • What Else Do You Want?: Come on folks, give me suggestions, I’m not bashful and I like putting content out there.
  • Update Frequency: My goal is to post something new every 7 to 10 days and hopefully this will help satisfy curious minds.  If I do fall behind please get on me and hopefully I will be able to keep up.

I appreciate the praise and critiques of my writing that I have gotten from many friends.  I would appreciate it if you would spread the word and hopefully I can grow my circle and share my writing with even more people.

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