The Burrito Diaries

UPDATED Fall 2017

In May 2006 I was rudderless and lost, looking for meaning, looking for adventure, looking for the type of exhilaration that comes wrapped in a flour tortilla.  I have taken a lot of time to explain Burritos Across the US over the years.  I wrote a post, authored a Moth story, got the license plate, and have done my best to record my progress through social media.  I originally thought that I would be done by now, but that was clearly unreasonable, but as we near the 11 year mark I should probably break it down.

But First the Rules:

  1. Its a burrito, not a wrap, not an taco, not a chimichanga, a burrito.  Wet burritos are acceptable even though they are very similar to enchiladas, but mission style hold in your hand wrapped in tin foil are preferred.
  2. Airports don’t count, neither do drive through.  Burrito must be consumed with your feet on the ground in the actual state.
  3. Chains are accepted but frowned upon and will be looked back upon with shame.  SHAME.
  4. Burritos are not obligations, they are to be worshiped and enjoyed for the goodness that they contain.

Burritos Across the US

  • Alabama- Birmingham, Fall 2009
  • Alaska- TBD
  • Arizona- Phoenix, Summer 2009
    • Most scenic burrito consumed at the Grand Canyon Fall 2009
  • Arkansas- Texarkana, Fall 2009
  • California- San Francisco, Fall 2009
    • Worst neighborhood to enjoy a burrito in
  • Colorado- Cortez, Fall 2009
  • Connecticut- Mystic, Spring 2006
    • The burrito that started it all
  • Delaware- Rehobooth, Fall 2010
  • Florida- West Palm Beach, Summer 2007
  • Georgia- Atlanta, Fall 2009
    • Consumed just feet from the world’s tallest escilator.  That needs to count for something.
  • Hawaii- TBD
  • Idaho- TBD
  • Illinois- East Saint Louis, Fall 2009
  • Indiana- New Albany, Fall 2009
  • Iowa- Council Bluffs, Summer 2013
    • Most likely gave me food poisoning
  • Kansas- Parsons, Fall 2009
  • Kentucky- Erlanger, Fall 2009
  • Louisana- Baton Rouge, Fall 2009
  • Maine- Kittery, Spring 2009
  • Maryland- Baltimore, Spring 2008
  • Massachusetts- Boston, Spring 2010
    • Was completed earlier but this is the only one I was sober enough to remember consuming.  Fucking Boston.
  • Michigan- Mount Pleasant, Spring 2017
  • Minnesota- Minneapolis, Spring 2017
  • Mississippi- Hatiesburg, Fall 2009
  • Missouri- Springfield, Fall 2009
  • Montana- Miles City, Spring 2017
  • Nebraska- Omaha, Summer 2013
  • Nevada- Stateline, Fall 2009
  • New Hampshire- Keene, Spring 2009
    • Best vegetarian burrito
  • New Jersey- New Brunswick, Winter 2007
    • I do not recognize New Jersey as a state
  • New Mexico- Albuquerque, Fall 2009
    • Best burrito related failure at the International Balloon Festival
  • New York- Albany, Summer 2006
    • Home of the Bombers burrito which is the most frequently consumed of all the burritos
  • North Carolina- Charlotte, Summer 2009
  • North Dakota- Dickinson, Spring 2017
  • Ohio- Kent, Fall 2009
    • Dishonorable mention- all restaurants were closed and I was forced to eat a gas station burrito
  • Oklahoma- Oklahoma, City Fall 2009
  • Oregon- Portland, Spring 2016
    • Best food cart burrito
  • Pennsylvania- Harrisburg, Fall 2010
  • Rhode Island- Kingston, Summer 2007
  • South Carolina- Columbia, Fall 2009
  • South Dakota- Kadoka, Spring 2017
  • Tennessee- Fayetteville, Fall 2009
  • Texas- Amarillo, Fall 2009
    • Home of the best burrito that I have ever had
  • Utah- Salt Lake City, Summer 2008
    • Best college cafeteria burrito
  • Vermont- Burlington, Spring 2006
  • Virginia- Richmond, Fall 2009
  • Washington- Bainbridge Island, Spring 2016
  • Washington DC- National Mall Summer 2017
  • West Virginia- Morgantown, Winter 2008
  • Wisconsin- Eau Claire, Spring 2017
  • Wyoming- Evanston, Fall 2009


  • During Fall 2009 I drove cross country for almost 2 months and was able to consume all of these burritos at a reasonable pace
  • I have taken trips and gone to conferences solely because it would allow me to knock another burrito off the list
  • I don’t know if I spelled the town names correctly, I don’t really care.
  • Burrito is a noun, burritoed is a verb.  I invented one of those terms.
  • I have included 2 non states on this list, just because I plan on burritoing New Jersey and DC doesn’t mean that I will be proceeding to other non states.  The Puerto Rico and Guam burritos will need to eat themselves.
  • Once things are completed I may head north and try to eat something in each Canadian Province, thinking that the Canadian equivalent would be ice cream sandwiches.
  • This was fun, the trips, the adventures, sitting here and writing this.  It was fun enough that I could remember aspects of each and every one of these burritos despite years or even a decade passing.

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